Thursday passed the way Thursdays usually do.

Pretty uneventful.  I threw up in the morning, felt better by lunch, and went out with my husband for sushi at dinnertime.  Miso soup is awesome and I also realized early in the meal that the sushi place served thai-style iced tea.  It’s this cold tea served with cream in it that has a sweet, smoky flavor.  Possibly one of the best tasting things on the planet.

We had a fairly rough night.  Ian was primary on call for work and he had several things come up.  Neither of us had what would be termed a really good night sleep since I can’t sleep when he’s not there.  This morning it looks like we could have a major thunderstorm on our hands sometime today.  That’s a good thing, because frankly we need the rain in whatever form we can get it.


One response to “Thursday passed the way Thursdays usually do.

  • Sheila

    Glad Thursday is over for you. Your dad and I just read this together. Hope you receive a good rain with no storm. Glad that Ian’s neck is good. Really glad that the two of you went out and had dinner together at a restaurant. Thank you for keeping us updated with all the news. Janet is doing really good and all the cousins are praying that your cyst will go down on it’s own. Love Mom

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