Just tired.

It was a great weekend in the fact that I got to see Ames and Garrett. It was diminished a bit by being unable to do much due to the fatigue and the general malaise. Amy got her hair cut and highlighted before she came and it looked so awesome. I’m green with envy (more likely nausea). I felt downright frumpy next to her gilded cuteness.

I did miss the wedding and I hate that. There’s just no way I could have made it through the whole thing without incident. It was nice to have company and get out. Rosepepper was awesome as usual. Garrett ate the particular dish that Ian has a love/hate relationship with (extremely hot and spicy pork with egg on top to cut the burn somewhat). He ate it, enjoyed it, and paid for enjoying it. We topped the meal off with a chocolate chimichanga. So yummy I could cry.

I missed both of Ian’s games, a streak that’s been running since I got pregnant. Probably a good thing in the case of Sunday’s game, though. Ian got smacked in the neck with a hockey stick. Now he has a protective neck guard and I thank God for it, but I really would have freaked out to see that in person. Even with the buffer, his neck started hurting last night. He’s ok today I think, except for a lingering sting.

I wore some of the pretty maternity pants Mom bought for me when I first learned I was pregnant. They are still a bit big (which is a good thing), but they are awesome. I haven’t been able to wear anything with buttons, zipper, or a fixed waist for about a month and a half. That type of pant digs right into the cyst and hurts pretty badly. Basically, I’ve been wearing my scrub bottoms, two pairs of tie-waist capris, and maternity leggings since that development. It was very nice to put on pants that looked like pants and feel somewhat normal.

My belly is definitely round now. It still can’t be visually appreciated when I’m dressed (another good thing), but if I lift up my shirt it’s there. I’m missing a waist line and my belly curves out like a seashell. Next week we have another doctor’s visit. I’m hoping for more good news about the cyst. I don’t think it’s gone (my abdomen still aches in odd ways when I move), but I’ll settle for another reduction in size.

I’m going to try to run by work today and drop off my papers for short-term disability. While I’m there, I may get to see my friends and coworkers. I miss them a great deal. It is still weird waking up in the morning and not going in to the office.


One response to “Just tired.

  • Sheila

    I hope that Ian’s neck is o.k. Can he wear a brace during the game? Glad you liked the pants. Hope the disability comes through fast! Take care and have a good day!!! Love

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