Mostly uneventful

Yesterday had me attending the wedding by myself, but Susan was skillfully kept company by Amy and Garrett.  They were even so skilled that they got Ms Susie out of the house to – you guessed it – Rosepepper!  I left home around 1 and returned about 11:30, making it probably one of the longest wedding / receptions that I’ll ever attend.  However, I had a tremendous time hanging out with the hockey group.  JT and Trisha had a very lovely wedding and were great hosts at the reception.

Susan, Amy and Garrett seemed to have a good time while I was away –  going out to eat and playing games on the computer.  I think we’ve gotten Garrett fairly hooked as Rosepepper as well, since we had seriously discussed going back for lunch today.  (We didn’t – they were closed!)

I had a hockey game today, the first Amy and Garrett have gotten a chance to see in several months.  They showed up late, but saw us through the better part of our game.  We gave up two goals early, but held the top team in the league scoreless from the 10 minute mark of the 1st all the way until the 5 minute mark of the 3rd.  We lost 3 to 0, but considering we’ve lost to this team 15 – 0 in the past, today was darn near a win to us!

After lunch and a nap, I moved upstairs and just completed a new bookshelf for the nursery.  Its a smaller version of the cube shelving we have in the den, plus we bought some boxes to hold onto the smaller stuff.  It looks quite nice resting along the wall.  I suppose in a few months we’ll have a few more pieces of furniture to put together and add to the collection… maybe sooner?

And I suppose, last but not least, I want to thank my wife for being so wonderful to me.  I had her blessing to attend post-game activities on Friday night, a wedding/reception all day Saturday, and then another hockey game plus wrap up today.  During that entire stretch, she never quite felt well enough to join me.  On top of all that, she reminded me once again that she also knows exactly who she married with an amusing remark.  A remark whose meaning I’ll leave to your imagination: “Honey, I know that the pilot light will always be on, no matter if you’re cooking anything or not.”

Boy, do I love my wife. 🙂


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