Jay & Steph’s new baby!

Jay and Stephanie headed to the hospital this evening for their semi-scheduled cesarean birth and by 7:27pm, they had themselves a nice little boy! He tipped the scales at 6lbs 2.5oz and measured 19.25 inches in length. He is four weeks early, but there wasn’t anything keeping this guy in the womb any longer. Due to his early arrival he’s getting a little supplemental oxygen in his picture here. This picture, by the way, was taken with my cell phone – I’m certain there will be plenty of better shots, but this was the only one I had available.

You might be wondering why my wife is pictured in this post. That’s because she freaked out a bit. We’d arrived at the room where they would eventually be staying and the nurses were just directing us back toward the waiting area when Jay came around the corner with his yelping child. He was minutes old, a shade blue, and quite obviously tiny in his father’s long arms. We saw him for 30 seconds, no longer, and then headed for a chair. A chair where Susan could complete her panic attach.

“I have one of those in me. It will be out in 6 months. Its inside me. His head… his head was this big!,” was her general mantra for about 5 or 10 minutes.

After she’d settled, we went to kill some time looking at the nursery. We headed to the “central” nursery, but those 3 babies were kind of boring. We noticed a second nursery and ended up staring right at their newborn, complete with beaming daddy. We spent 30 or 40 minutes at the glass, watching him be introduced to a busy, busy world. He got a shot and a rectal temperature taken… he had a warming lamp for a while and no warming lamp for a while. Susan and I discussed umbilical cord care (and how gross it’ll be to have it drop off…!) amongst other general observations. It was an amazing sight.

Soon after, we indicated that we were headed to see the mother of this beautiful child, and Jay came out of the nursery. Being a sizable locale, he needed a little guidance in order to find his wife, so we lead him through the labyrinth of halls. We soon found her, recovering nicely and a fantastic mood. We told her all about her new son and manged to show her this weeny little cell phone photo! I suppose it was better than nothing for a woman that may not see her child for another couple of hours.

It was a great trip and I’m really glad we got there just in time to see their son only minutes old. I think Susan will recover soon. 😉


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