It’s Monday… I know that because my computer says so. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have a clue. My brain is mush and I can’t quite tell one day from the next over the past few. I think I’ll list them here, just so I can sort it out…

  • Wednesday
    • Work
    • Hockey Class – 8pm
    • Drive to Chattanooga – until 12:30am (Eastern)
  • Thursday
    • Work
    • Visit grandmother @ 6:30pm (Eastern)
    • Eat at Table Two w/ Amy & Garrett
  • Friday
    • Work
    • Visit Dot @ 5p (Eastern)
    • Eat with Matt & Richell at home
  • Saturday
    • Drive to IKEA and back (7:30a – 2:30p)
    • Nap
    • Visit Dot @ 4p
    • Eat at Red Lobster
  • Sunday
    • Sleep in (despite best intentions)
    • Eat at Sushi Nabe w/ group
    • Visit Dot @ 5:30p
    • Eat at my parents’ house
  • Monday
    • Figure out what happened this week
    • Visit Dot @ 11a
    • Drive home
    • Sleep on new mattress!

Wow. That was sort of tough…

One thing that is really amusing is that I couldn’t think of the trip to IKEA for several minutes. It was like looking into a black hole of, “I know I did something, but what was it?”

Lunch with the group yesterday (Ken, Val, Valexi, Val’s mom, Amy, Garrett and Susan) was really fun. This is basically the same group that went regularly, so to be gathered around a table was very natural. We took a handful of pictures while we were there, so I’ll post those after we’re home. Valexi had been sick over the past few days, so she wasn’t quite herself, but was still a wonderful little girl.

We ended up missing a cookout on Saturday with a few of our friends, but after such a long day, it probably was the best for me. On top of that, Susan wasn’t very comfortable walking through the heat from a building to a car, so we figured she’d be pretty miserable sitting at a picnic table! Hopefully, though, we’ll be seeing this very same group of friends when we go for our rafting trip on the Nantahala. (Lynka – maybe we’ll swing by and visit!)

The visits with my grandmother Dot have been great and she seems to be improving a great deal. She is coming to terms with the idea that people, even her family members, will need to give her a little help for the time being, and that, I believe, is helping her along mentally as well. I do see improvement in her attitude even just over the few days we’ve been here. Mom and I were able to get Dot’s recliner from her condo over to the room, and since then it has gotten a great deal of use. It seems when she can choose between lying in bed all day or kicking back in her recliner, she’d certainly pick the recliner.

Eating with Amy & Garrett at Table Two was an interesting experience. This is a new restaurant near the Warehouse Row area, but in an old building. That old building, I was later reminded, was once home to “The Bay,” a club from my high school days. I didn’t recognize it because I’d never gone. My brother-in-law, though, had gotten kicked in the head at a concert there once. Fond memories.

Back to the restaurant… it was a very trendy place. The decor was nice, with a very modern flair to it. Plenty of odd light fixtures and wild shapes. There were some very nice looking booths in the back where I could imagine a romantic dinner taking place. The wine selection was massive, consuming an entire legal sheet of paper! The selection for a main course wasn’t the longest and I had a tough time picking a backup item. I was quick to select the grilled lamb, but if couldn’t have that, I didn’t know what exactly I’d eat.

The appetizers were a nice selection, though, and we had a “surf and turf hot rock” as our starter. They soon arrived with a 500 degree stone in the center of a batch of fresh fish and (what they called) Kobe beef. At this point, we draped the meat on the stone, cooking it before our eyes. Amy & Garrett had done this the night before and I was familiar with the process from my New Zealand trip, wherein my entire meal was handled like this during my stay in Dunedin.

Everything was lovely, if a hair pricey. All of the dinner selections were nicely presented and tasted great. I’d certainly recommend it for a romantic dinner or for a “night out on the town,” but it wouldn’t be a daily (or even weekly) locale for dinner. It will be interesting to see if they can stay open for the long haul. I hope they do, but it may be an uphill battle.

I think I’ve completed this entirely too long entry now… at least its a good recap of the week, though. Right?


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