I have been enjoying the last few days like a mini-vacation.  I’ve spent a lot of time with my family, most especially Dad who I miss loads.  I’ve also been enjoying my extended family on Ian’s side.  I’m happy to say that Dot is doing much, much better these days.  She’s got a private room, which is so much better for her.  Her last roommate was, hmm, a little much.  The lady herself was quiet, but her sitters had the TV turned up as loud as it could go 24/7.  Rather annoying at 2AM.

I spent today with Richell, something I haven’t done in ages.  We went to Shogun and then a little shopping.  Let me just say that Olivia is quite pleased with all forms of Japanese cuisine, including the quasi-American variety.  Man, it was so tasty.  I also wore my first pair of maternity shorts.  They were a little big (that won’t last long) so I had to keep pulling them up at intervals.  That wasn’t as much as a problem after lunch, sigh.   All in all, a very good day.

Ian ran down to Atlanta bright and early this morning to go to Ikea.  He went to pick up the new mattress.  I’m excited!  My back is unimpressed with the current mattress so I’m hoping this is the ticket to better sleep next to my hubby.  His mom went with him so they got to do some mother-son bonding on the way.  Ian is now passed out in the guest bedroom.  He’s a doll of a husband.  Such a lucky girl I am.


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