Photos from our visit

So as I mentioned last night, we’ve had the photos loaded on Flickr for a few days, but I thought I’d go ahead and share them through a post as well. Valexi is a beautiful little girl with a wide range of expressions. She and I got along quite well, almost immediately after I walked in the door.

The visit was fantastic – it didn’t hit us until we were there that it had been two years since we’d all seen one another, but you wouldn’t known that from our interactions. On top of just stepping right back into the swing of things with Ken and Val, we got along with Val’s sister Gina as if we’d known her all along!

Ken was being the fantastic father figure that he is, chasing Gina’s girls around the yard and keeping Valexi entertained, despite the fact he had only gotten an hour or so worth of sleep over the previous day. Apparently driving with a little baby isn’t the easiest task in the world, but Ken didn’t let it affect him.

As it stands, we’re hoping to get to see the group again on Monday, but its all still in the planning stages. I got a call from Val today saying that she, Gina and the baby were all a little under the weather, so we’ll just have to check things out in a few days.

The other 49 photos are here.


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