Ian’s new toy…

It hasn’t actually arrived yet, but I’ve ordered it from Amazon… plus this is someone else’s picture.

Anyway, it’s a Mr. Bento. (I didn’t pay full price for it, by the way.) Its basically a thermos, but with four little bowls, one of which seals tight to keep in stuff like soup or yogurt.

Along with the Mr Bento purchase, I bought a Bento recipe book in the hopes that it will help me fill my four bowls on a regular basis. Beyond the recipe book, I’ll be going through the Mr Bento Flickr group, where everyone shows off their daily Mr Bento packing. It seems that there are lots of very creative people out there with a fair amount of time on their hands when it comes to packing their lunches.

So we’ll see how this goes… hopefully it will go well and I’ll begin taking my lunch to work again. I also hope it will help me to get a little more variety in my lunch box on top of getting a healthy lunch.

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