Productive day

Sunday was pretty productive for us, despite my sleeping until 11.

Right after breakfast (or was that lunch?) we headed to Susan’s giant closet and began going through her book boxes. These boxes had been packed when she moved out of her apartment to come to Nashville nearly 2 years ago. At the time they were packed she wasn’t too wild on the idea of deciding what to keep and what to get rid of… she was just freaked out about moving.

Over the course of a couple of hours, I pulled books out of boxes and she split them between the keep / don’t keep piles, at which point I would put them into a new box. We’ve got 9 various sized liquor boxes full of books to not keep. We considered trying to sell them on the internet, but that proved to be too tedious and not worthwhile. We considered taking them to the used book store on the corner when it opens in June, but that just didn’t seem useful. Ultimately the decision is to take them to my mother, give her and my sister a chance to look through them, and then she can donate them to the library.

Once all those were sorted out, we headed downstairs and Susie made lunch for the two of us. (Pizza!) We played through 9 holes of Tiger Woods on the Xbox and then I went back upstairs. At this point (4p) it had gotten pretty warm up there – being a converted attic, its not the best cooled part of the house. I started by moving all of the boxes, both full and empty, downstairs for further processing. Susie came up and cleaned up a little more stuff, generally making her closet a considerably nicer place.

At this point I figured I should finally fix my closet up. The shelf / rod thing in my closet had taken a nose-dive about 3 months ago, dumping everything on a hanger into the floor. From that point forward I’ve just lived out of the clothes hamper. I’d fold the clothes up as they came out of the dryer, lay them in the hamper, and then I’d just pull from there. This, of course, has been working just fine, but since I was bugging Susan about getting her stuff cleaned up, I figured I should do the same.

By this point, though, it was pretty was upstairs – something like 85 to 90 degrees. As I began working in the small closet that sits right next to the hot roof I was pushing toward miserable. The work wasn’t going quite how I had planned and combined the heat, I was getting pretty agitated. Eventually I ended up pulling everything out and stalking downstairs, with sweat rolling down my back. (That just doesn’t seem right – to be working in your house, yet sweating like crazy… we’ll be getting an A/C estimate before too long.)

I cooled off and relaxed on the couch for a while, then I returned with a clear head. With this new sense of clarity I was able to diagnose the problem and get it resolved. Within 30 minutes I had my clothes hanging up once more.

Afterwards I still had a little energy left, so I began clearing out the closet in my office. I figured I should get as much cleaning done in this room as I can, as before too long it will be consumed with baby stuff. I came really close to starting the paint job, but decided against it due to a lack of time. Maybe I’ll do that the first weekend of June if I can fit it in around our friends’ wedding.

Once dinner came around (and I had showered!) I was craving Mexican from our favorite little cantina, but Susan wasn’t feeling so hot. She gave me “permission” to go alone, but I really wanted her to go along. We watched the hour long Simpsons episode and she still didn’t feel any better. Since my craving hadn’t subsided and she was still agreeable, I headed out.

It was absolutely wonderful.

Sorry for the wordy post… but I was proud of our day. 🙂


One response to “Productive day

  • Christie

    Books… Steve and I are looking into opening a used book store up here. We could probably buy them from you (and drive down to pick them), depending on how quickly you’re looking to unload them. 🙂

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