Better days.

Now that I’m nearing the end of the first trimester, my stomach kind of teeter-totters between sickness and starvation.  The last 3 days have been mostly awesome.  Very little nausea and lots of (gentle) activity.  However, the trade off is I’m now constantly hungry.  I’m going to be the size of a small country by the end of the pregnancy if this keeps up.  I eat every 3 hours or so.  If I don’t, the icky comes back.

All I can think about are all the National Enquirer covers that had “The World’s Fattest Woman” on them.  Eating my way to infamy.


7 responses to “Better days.

  • Sheila

    I’m so glad you are better! But on the other hand-playback for almost 9 months of pregnancy nausea. I hate to say this, but I gained 15 pounds before my fourth month. I did not do this with Matt. Do you think we may have a girl? Love

  • aliasmother

    Ah, yes. For a few weeks there I was nauseous and hungry at the same time. Who knew that even happened?

    I easily eat every three hours. I just get too hungry. But I try not to eat too much that’s bad for me and that helps with the weight gain. I’m definitely gaining, but I don’t think at an obscene level. I eat lots of stuff with fiber and work hard at getting 5 veggies and at least 1-2 fruits in a day.

  • Susan

    I try to eat the things that are better for me. No ice cream in the house (a thing of frozen yogurt, though). Applesauce and fruit cups. Cheese. I do eat cereal bars in the middle of the night. The big problem is that I get hungry but have absolutely no interest in eating. Even the things I like sound a little gross to me.

  • Ian

    My wife doesn’t know it (until now), but waking up to someone eat a chewy cereal bar at 3am is a really, really strange thing. I haven’t quite decided if it is disgusting or endearing… at this point I think its “none of the above.”

  • Susan

    It’s far better to wake to me eating a cereal bar at 3AM to being woke up by the sounds of helpless wretching at 6AM. But maybe I’m biased.

  • Ian

    Those sounds don’t seem to wake me up – remember? 😉

    I’m not complaining – just commenting. I would rather know that you’re not going to be sick, even if it does mean weird sounds next to me. 😀

  • Susan

    At least it’s not potato chips. Think of the crumbs!

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