Its long blog, but there are pictures if you don’t want to read.

Since we got the camera out, I guess I can do a photo montage of our evening…

Since Sheila had cooked the last two nights, I figured I should step up and contribute at last one home-cooked meal as well. For my culinary delight, I chose the chicken on the charcoal grill. While the grill warmed up, I mowed the back yard so that it wouldn’t end up swallowing us later in the week. I had managed to take care of the front yard on Sunday, but I ran out of gas and desire before I could do the back.

Dinner was excellent, combined with the work done by the ladies – steamed broccoli, mashed potatoes, and spiced apples. The evening was so nice that we even pulled out our spare dining table to enjoy it on the deck.

Post dinner, I planted a few new items in our vegetable garden – an eggplant, two cucumbers, a red pepper, and a yellow pepper. Most everything seems to be progressing pretty well – I’ll post a photo later. The okra has been destroyed by what I figure are birds looking for nesting material. The green bell peppers have begun to flower here and there, so I take that as a fantastic sign of progress. I am worried, though, that this spot in the yard doesn’t get quite as much sun as all these plants require, but there just isn’t any better place for it. I’m blessed and cursed to have a beautiful stand of trees surrounding the house – I love the shade, but my veggies don’t!

After the vegetable garden, we moved to the front yard to plant some color in the plot we share with our neighbor. Its really mind blowing to think that we own a home, with a vegetable garden, and with neighbors we speak to regularly! We’re domesticated people! And in 6ish months, we’ll be a family of people in our own home with our own vegetable garden, etc, etc. We’re… adults!? :O

Speaking of our son, as I was shopping at Home Depot today I saw one of the flowers we’d planted in our shade garden, but this one was in full bloom. I realized then that our son will be plucking those flowers at least once a year as a gift to his mommy – they are beautiful Asiatic lilies. I have no idea what colors we’ll have and if I recall correctly, neither does the nursery we bought them from… it was a grab bag!

I’ll have a few more photos to post in a bit – one of Susan’s baby belly. Its not in the pose, clothes or place we’ll be doing our regular belly shots, but its a belly shot none-the-less. It certainly excited her mom to take the shot. Additionally I’m going to post a couple of daylight shots of the veggies, the shade garden and the front garden.


3 responses to “Its long blog, but there are pictures if you don’t want to read.

  • Elynka

    Boo, Home Depot! Bad Ian!

  • Ian

    If the Lowe’s were easier to get to from work, then I’d go there instead. When you’re on a schedule, its tough.

    And trust me… we’ve split our money fairly between the too.

  • Auntie Shelia

    Well what a cute baby bump!! And what a sexy mom!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Dad is just tooooo cute too! But now that young, wild and sexy granny is really something, especially planting flowers!!!!!!!!
    Those red shorts does it! I can see what a wonderful and beautiful family for a dear baby to be born into! Expect a miracle and watch it happen. God bless and keep you.
    Now always use a lot of good olive oil, cooking in noodles and a dish for dipping fresh French bread into, and snap no more trouble with the constipation woes!!!!!!! Try it a few weeks at least and see. You must have lots of good spaghetti to go with it too———- Hope it works for you!
    I so enjoy this site to keep up with you youngens!!!!!!!!!!
    Take care, love, Auntie Shelia

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