Busy, busy.

Yesterday was pretty bad with the N&V.  I did manage the haircut and it chopped the last of my natural curl out.  I’ve had curly hair since about the age of 12, so this is very different.  There’s a strange person staring back at me out of mirrors now.  It’s pretty awesome having Mom around.  I could only get out a few hours around lunchtime Wednesday, but today we were out from morning til early afternoon.  We ate lunch with Ian at Cracker Barrel (I get fat and happy on their biscuits).

Mom cooked dinner again tonight.  Swiss steak with mashed potatoes and a salad.  Ian is loving it.  As he mentioned, we are trying to get everything sorted out for Disney.  That’s something for me to look forward to.  I adore Disney.  In fact when I was much younger, I fantasized about living in the Cinderella Castle.  Now I fantasize about working in Celebration Hospital.  Did I just say I fantasized about working?

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