Finally – the photos

We went to the doctor for the standard 10 week checkup, as Susan said below, and we somewhat unexpectedly came out with a stack of 6 new ultrasound photos.

I know that you’ve all loved my posts below about non-baby related things, but I decided I’d take a few minutes before leaving for work to go ahead and post these.

You can click on each photo to get a larger version (albeit a little dirty still), plus you can see a slideshow which should offer you some ability to actually see our little boy in motion.

I noticed, as I was organizing the photos on Flickr, that he has flipped over – at 8 weeks the head and rump were switched! I suppose that with the motion we saw, combined with this obvious flip in position, Susan (mostly) and I will be able to feel lots of movement eventually.

Poor Susie – she’ll have her innards re-organized by our acrobatic son.

As for my impressions of the doctor visit – no worries. The Doppler wasn’t something I was expecting and the doctor told us it may be tough for her to find the heart beat right away.

It was then that I remembered Alias Mother’s post about her Doppler experience, what with the placenta keeping her doctor from finding the heartbeat. We could hear one, it just happened to be Susan’s and mostly related to the cyst. That didn’t bother me much, to be honest.

We got to stay in the exam room so Susie could have her privacy as she tried to eject the alien from her throat. (She makes crazy noises as she vomits) We waited just 10 minutes and then we were headed to the ultrasound suite.

We’ll go back at 14 weeks (4 weeks from yesterday) and we’ll have another ultrasound to check out the cyst. I really wanted to avoid having so many ultrasounds, but I see it as a necessary process at this moment… this cyst could complicate things a great deal if they weren’t watching it closely. Heck – without the early u/s, she’d likely still be trying to go to work every morning.


8 responses to “Finally – the photos

  • aliasmother

    Oh, wow, so cool. I suppose that’s the only positive side-effect of the cyst; you get pictures. I’ve had no ultrasounds and since we didn’t get a heartbeat last time, it’s all still pretty unreal for me. But I kow something is growing in me. Either that or I’m just getting really chunky in the stomach area.

  • Steph Hansen

    Great pics! I think even saw the baby’s face in one of them! The baby can flip so many times for the next few months, there is so much room in there and loves to take advantage of it. Plus, the more ultrasounds you get, the more you get to see the little one! If it is a little boy, you might even get to find out what it is before your “big ultrasound.” Glad things are going well.

  • Elynka

    I had an ultrasound at pretty much every visit…it may have actually been every visit. Mackenzie turned out just fine. I don’t think you should worry about it at all.

  • Susan

    I’m loving the ultrasounds. I think that’s the cutest kidney bean I’ve ever seen. If they want to do one at every visit, I’ll be just fine with it. Even if they use the probe every single time. I’m hoping for a girl. If I get to see that it’s a boy a little earlier, so much the better. Ian would love that. I’ve put on three pounds and all of it is at my waistline. I have the world’s shortest torso, so it is noticeable. I am going to be so fat.

  • Sheila

    No you are not going to be fat, just pregnant! I love this little one. Take care. Love

  • Laurie

    You all have so many more baby picture than we do already! I’m glad the little one is dancing around happy in there. Mine started doing the mambo the other night when we went to bed!

  • Ian

    Thats kind of amusing Laurie – its a Vandy tech doing the u/s at the doctor’s office… which is at another hospital! Maybe we’ve been getting trigger happy techs?

    Alias – I sure hope you get to see (or at least hear) something soon!

  • Laurie

    Oh we had to go to a different building (the Women’s Imaging Center) to get the ultrasound. The midwives’ offices are pretty low-tech. As you might suspect… The Imaging Center on the other hand, very fancy. They keep the gel in warmers!

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