Update on Doctor’s visit.

It went really well.  That’s the big thing.

When we got there, I was still extremely nauseous so I had to carry in a garbage bag just in case.  We had left some important paperwork in the car so Ian went back and I trudged on alone.  As I got off the elevator, a guy was standing in the hallway obviously waiting for someone.  I smiled as best I could as I walked past.  I turned the corner to the next hallway and had to stop for a minute to control the dizziness.  I heard the man behind me say, “You should have seen this poor girl.  She looked like she was going to yak at any minute.”  He rounded the same corner accompanied by his pregnant wife and I let them into our doc’s office.  They sat nowhere near me.

Ian and I waited maybe 5 minutes and then we were in the back office.   Dr. Cain-Swope tried to doppler for the heartbeat first, but the cyst prevented us from hearing anything.  I figured that might happen so I didn’t flip out much (a little bit, deep inside).  We had to do another ultrasound.  As we were waiting for that, she answered our list of questions and was just generally helpful and kind.  She felt so bad that I was still suffering from morning sickness (she actually popped into the exam room one of the times I was heaving).

The ultrasound wasn’t as bad as the one at the last visit.  That one had me in pain for the rest of the day.  This one only really hurt a little except for one spot.  When the probe hit it, I thought I was going to jab my fingers through Ian’s arm.  Oh yeah, they really can’t get a good picture from the vantage point of my belly, so mine are internal ultrasounds at this time.  Not the most comfortable of positions to begin with.

Our baby is adorable.  She’s doubled in size and she was waving when we got to see her.  She has inherited her mother’s lack of dancing ability from the moves she was pulling in there.  I don’t care.  I love her.  We have brand new pics and Ian will scan them later on for the world to see.  As for the cyst, it’s shrunk a little.  The sonographer said it went down a centimeter so it would now be roughly 5.7 cm.  I’ll take that.  We have another appointment in 4 weeks.   Keep praying, guys.  I’d really rather not go under the knife if at all possible.


4 responses to “Update on Doctor’s visit.

  • Elynka

    Congrats on a good appointment. Just think, 25% of your pregnancy is over!

  • Susan

    I’m about a quarter through the pregnancy. That’s the best thought ever.

  • Sandy

    Well, I’ll take your word concerning your dance skills. However, I have seen Ian dance so I’m not sure this kid has a chance at all of having any dance skills whatsoever!! (Unless, of course, they are passed down from grandmothers!)

  • Sheila

    We will keep praying for you! Good report! New pictures? When? Soon I hope! This Grandmother wants to see them so very much! Love

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