Funny tee shirts

Late night email check + Gmail context ads = Men’s & Women’s


4 responses to “Funny tee shirts

  • Sheila

    I personally liked the one that said, ” the man behind the belly.”

  • Sheila

    Shannon needs the, “I heart pickles.” She ate 4 jars this pass weekend. Love

  • Elynka

    I don’t know what site it was on, but when I bought a few there was one for baby. It said “Silly Daddy boobs are for kids.” I thought that was great. It was like 30.00 though, and they grow out of those things so fast.

  • Ian

    I noticed most of these shirts are around $30. Seems like they’d be logical to wear for about 6 months… that’s $5 a month. 😦

    I couldn’t imagine paying that much for a baby shirt – they are in the process of their greatest growth!

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