We’ve probably over done it if even I’m tired. I hope the rest of Susan’s day doesn’t suck.

We left home headed for a sushi restaurant – this one doesn’t open for lunch on Saturday and our backup choice wouldn’t open for another 2 hours from then. We picked up Wendy’s in the drive-thru and headed to the park. We ate on a swing in a relatively shady spot. This is the same park that I proposed to Susan in – we often stop in on the park, but I don’t know how often the connection pops into either of our minds.

After lunch, I bought my new annual membership to the Sportsplex where I skate – the membership fee is probably a much better alternative than me paying full price for public skating and classes.

From there we headed to Lowe’s where we picked up a couple gallons of paint for the nursery. We got two gallons for what appears to be a small room because appearances seem to be deceiving. We only got one gallon of the red, but couldn’t possibly coat the walls with so little. It also took a gallon and half of primer. Of course putting on and covering up the red is a completely different situation than putting on our current color choice.

A color choice we’re keeping secret until there are pictures. 😀

From Lowe’s we went to Babies ‘R Us to add to our registry. We picked out a single use crib, as opposed to the “lifetime” crib we’d initially decided on. After talking it over and thinking it out, a few things helped us make our decision:

  • Babies like to crew on cribs… do we want our kid to keep looking at his teething progress through his toddler years?
  • What if we have another kid within the time that this one is still using the crib? Then we’d have to buy another one. Sure, the next one will have to look at her brother’s teething progress, but its someone different’s right?
  • I don’t want my little boy sleeping in a day bed – which is what every one of the convertible cribs turn into.

We’re going with cherry wood, even though I’d kind of like black furniture. I guess that’s mostly because our bed is black and I like our bed. (I say “our bed,” but its actually my cousin’s that I got from him many years ago.)

Along with the crib, we added another dozen or so items – changing our minds on the mattress based on their firmness, (thanks Lynka!) along with adding a other things that just had to be looked at in order to decide.

We’re pretty seriously discussing cloth diapers as our at home solution. We’ve got plenty of reading up to do on it, but I don’t think either of us are excited about disposables on a regular basis. Of course cloth diapers are really a fair amount of work, but maybe they’ll be worth it. I know Susan is scared about them right now and her parents didn’t care for them much, but my parents made it through two kids in cloth… As we dig around, I’ll post our research links – Laurie has given us a good start, but I haven’t looked through them yet.

So Susan is off for a nap and I may just join her…

7 responses to “Tired

  • Elynka

    Mackenzie has Kaelan’s old crib…teeth marks and all!

  • Susan

    No, sweetie. You want cloth diapers. I don’t. Haven’t from the get go because I’ll be the one doing most of the changes.

  • Elynka

    Too funny!

  • Sheila

    No daycare, Sunday school nursery or most other people want ANYTHING to do with cloth diapers. Disposable diapers are so much better. My babies never had diaper rash. The ones now will keep them dryer and so very improved. Of course they cost more (because you change them the minute they get wet), but still they are worth it! Plus I never liked putting a shower cap on my baby’s butt. Love.

  • Ian

    I know no one other than us would deal with them, which is why I specified our “at home” solution. I never thought we’d avoid disposable diapers all-together, only part of the time.

    The part of keeping dryer isn’t necessarily a good thing, from what I’ve read (the chemicals involved), but it seems that I may be overridden by my wife, so I suppose this conversation has already ended. 🙂

  • Sheila

    I hope you know I love you. I really do like the black furniture. Love

  • Ian

    We never did find any black single-use cribs that we liked… at least not at Babies ‘R’ Us. Susan even decided that she’d be okay with a black crib in combination with our color choice. That’s okay, I like the cherry well enough.

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