Not about the baby.

I’m a little down right now.  Yeah, yeah.  Some of you are probably rolling your eyes and whispering “Hormones”.  A little, maybe.  But not totally.

I’m a mostly happy person and generally the bad things roll off me rather quickly.   I just get the deep blue funk every so often.  This time is one of those.  Everyone gets them, one of those days that sneaks up on you, catches you off guard, drags you down in small increments.

It’s like trying to run in the mud.  Messy, yes, but mostly futile.  The harder and harder you move your legs, the slower your progress.  Man, I’m tired.


3 responses to “Not about the baby.

  • Sheila

    Hope to see you soon. Love MOM

  • aliasmother

    I hear you. I had one of those days recently. When it happens to me I go into “maintenance” mode and try to accomplish the bare minimum to get by. Oh, and I eat lots of ice cream for solace.

    Hoep you are feeling better by now.

  • Susan

    I feel much better today. I was just so tired. I can’t wait to have energy again.

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