Mixed signals.

I woke up at 5:30 this morning absolutely ravenous. This is my new thing apparently. In the last four days, I have found myself in a precarious balance between completely nauseous or completely starved. This morning it was starved, at a rather startling time. I awoke ready to eat my pillow if needed. I went to the kitchen and slapped together a PBJ (handy food for a girl who would rather be in bed than eating). I take my sammie back to bed with me and devour it with enthusiasm driven by abject hunger.

I dunno. There musta been a time-frame for consumption I failed to heed on my way back to bed. No sooner than I ate the sandwich, drank the water that is perpetually on the bedstand, and appeased the incubating baby which I am starting to believe is really just another stomach…

I ran to the bathroom and lost my sammie and my water and anything else my stomach could toss out. Ian slept through this, too, for those of you who are wondering.


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