More stats

There are no duplicate date guesses, but apparently people think it may be as early as Thanksgiving (16 days early) or as late as December 18th, 8 days late.

Apparently no one thinks we’ll have the baby between 7:20pm and 2:30am. 7 people guess it’ll be between 2:30a – 10a. 5 people figure it’ll be between 1:50p and 7:20p.

Guesses at weight range between 6lbs even, all the way to 8lbs 7oz, with a slight majority of people thinking the baby will land between 7lbs 2oz and 7lbs 9oz.

The length statistics are all that exciting – they range from 18inches (5 people) to 22 inches (2 people).

Boy… I’m a geek.


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