The day was off to a Rocky Start.

I woke up at around 2AM with cramps. The not-so-horrible-we-have-to-go-to-the-ER-right-NOW variety, but pretty bad nonetheless. So I was tossing and turning til around 5 when they subsided enough to allow me to sleep. I didn’t wake Ian because they weren’t terrible enough to merit his anxiety. I woke again at 6 with a full bladder. At this time, I went downstairs to the more comfy mattress on our bunkbed. It is my favorite place in the house. I slept from 8 til 10 and now feel like a reasonable facsimile of a human.

I’m nauseous, but that’s nothing new. To take my mind off this, I’m looking at alternatives to our lost Japan vacation. I was really looking forward to that, but it’s just not in the cards. Disneyworld might be. I would have to avoid the fast, bumpy rides (Mission: Space, the Teacups, all the Mountains), but there is still plenty that’s attractive. Not to mention that the deal we got for our honeymoon last year has returned in full force for the same time frames this year. I’m spinning that off Ian right now. If this baby and her doctor allow it, I’m all go.


One response to “The day was off to a Rocky Start.

  • Elynka

    You might have been experiencing round ligament pain. You really want to walk around Disney all day in the heat while pregnant? You’re a champ! Glad you are feeling more like a human now. First trimester will be coming to a close soon. Things will probably get much better in the second trimester.

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