I’m still here.

I’ve been letting Susan take the lead, but I’m still around, too… cleaning the house, doing the grocery shopping, the laundry, etc, etc. šŸ™‚ I completely understand my wife’s situation and I really, really wish I could make her feel better, but at the same time, taking on the majority of the work around the house is a bit of a shock. We make a pretty sizable mess and I’ve really got to not be lazy in order to keep it under control.

Other than housework, I’m not doing too much. I’m back in hockey classes for a few weeks, sharpening my skills so I might actually look decent when playing. We start our season up on Monday night – I’ve marked them on the calendar that you can find in the link list on the right column. We’ll be playing Monday or Friday nights during the summer, so maybe some people that haven’t seen me play can make a Friday night game.

It seems that I’ll be making the trip to Atlanta after all – Susan seems pretty hooked on the IKEA mattress that is on the bunk bed, and I’m pretty hooked on having my wife sleep comfortably in the bed next to me, so…

As for DisneyWorld, it looks like a good possibility, but we’ll have to see how our claim goes on the Japan airfare in combination with the doctor’s word.

Oh – and speaking of Japan, JTB USA has the BEST customer service known to man! I submitted a internet request for a rail pass in February. A nice woman named Miho called and explained that they can only be purchased 90 days in advance and that I should call back then. I had the note on my desk at work, and when we decided we weren’t going, I figured I’d get lost in the shuffle there and it wouldn’t matter. No! Miho called me today because she’d had a note on her desk to re-contact me. Now how often does that happen? Of course I couldn’t imagine any of the people reading this will really care about my recommendation of a Japanese travel agency, but I had to say my piece because I was so very impressed. Miho was also super nice, congratulating us several times on the pregnancy and being apologetic about the situation.

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