The problem with pooh.

And not Winnie, either. Those of you with squeamish tummies should pass on this post as it is basically a rant about my inability to do number 2. Gross, yes, but very true.

Nobody ever mentioned that your bowels can essentially turn to cement during pregnancy. I heard all about morning sickness, faintness, extreme fatigue, hormone zits and tears, etc. Not one mention of steel stool. My abdomen feels like it’s going to heave itself in two and is churning more than a ready-mixer. Yet all it has passed in the last 7 days is gas and even that has been difficult. I drank a cup of MoM last night hoping for relief this morning. It’s a no-go. If I don’t do anything in an hour, it will be suppository time in the Kirk household. Thankfully, my poor hubby is not around as a witness.

Sorry. When I return to regularity, I will also return to normal.

2 responses to “The problem with pooh.

  • Elynka

    I had that in the first trimester as well with Mackenzie. I even had an incident where I thought Chris might have to take me to the ER. I can kind of laugh about it now, but it was excruciating! I am such a dork too that the whole time I was thinking (we had just moved to this TINY town) someone is going to find out about this, and then everyone will know that the new manager’s wife at Lowes can’t go poop. I will say, though, that I didn’t have it hardly at all with Kaelan, and I had severe MS then too. So, maybe if you decide to go down this road again you will have a completely different pregnancy. Mine weren’t completely different, but there were a lot of differences…some good and some bad.

  • Susan

    I finally got it resolved around noon. It’s just plain horrible to have that much pressure build up with no natural relief in sight. And everyone is famous in a small town for something. 😀 It would have sucked for you to be famous for that.

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