I’m pooped.

It was a great weekend, but I think I overdid it a bit.  Not sure how considering I couldn’t do much of anything, but I was not in a good way last evening when we got home.  I was so tired and felt so sick (some nausea, yes, but mostly just a feeling of general “ickiness”).  All I could stomach was some cheese and crackers and those were at the insistence of my sweet hubby.  By 9PM, I was more than ready for bed.

All this to say, “I’m taking it easy today”.  I intend to veg out and nap alot.  That’s it.  If you were to plant me, I might bud but even then it would be slow going.


2 responses to “I’m pooped.

  • Steph Hansen

    Welcome to “bedrest!” It is amazing how much doing nothing for so long can make even the simplest of tasks seem exhausting. I am not surprised that after a week of near bedrest and then going on a trip caused you to be so tired. Take it easy this week. Glad you had fun!

  • Susan

    It was so worth it to me to be able to be out and around people. I’m a bit of a loner when left to my own devices, so it was a bit of a shock to realize how much I miss social interaction. I slept long and hard last night and I’m really taking it easy today. I’m mostly recovered. Now, I just can’t wait til my husband gets home. Thanks for the fabulous bag of goodies. I’ve started poring over those pregnancy mags.

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