The plan, as it is.

I’m feeling mediocre, which is (sadly enough) better than what I felt yesterday.  If I continue in this vein, we will be making the trip down to Chatty this evening.  Much as I don’t care for the idea of the two hour drive, I would relish being out of the house.  This is going to be the longest 8 weeks of my life.

On a happy note, it’s my brother and sister-in-law’s anniversary today.  Yay!  They’re such sweethearts.  It’ll be good to see them.  It was also Amy’s b-day last week and I’ll get to see her, too.  Double yay!  More updates as the day progresses.


4 responses to “The plan, as it is.

  • Randy

    Congrats!!! I’m super happy for the both of you. 7 more months to go. And aren’t you being a bit presumptuous(sp) about the baby being a girl???? I’m guessing now, 7lb 8oz. Write it down.

    Love ya Both


  • Auntie Amy

    Triple yay for Honeymustard Waterfalls!

  • Ian

    Hey Randy – you changed your guess when you recorded it on the game site. What are you up to? Placing two bets? 😉

  • Randy

    I had a change of heart. After looking at all your photos, I realized Susan was too small to carry a big baby. She can thank me later.

    Whats a waterfall????

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