I is Sick.

I am not feeling up to snuff lately.  My abdomen is a pretty constant source of irritation and, well, pain.  If I twist the wrong way, I can feel things moving around that I’m pretty sure shouldn’t.  Oh well, there’s a cute little kid down there, too.  She’s worth this.  Man, if I’m whining now… how bad is the whole birthing thing going to be.  I am not a woman who likes or even tolerates pain.  It is one of the largest ironies in my life that I ended up a nurse.  I’m a terrible, terrible patient.

On the lighter side, my spectacular husband took me out to eat at the Rosepepper Cantina last night (our favorite Mexican restaurant).  Chips and salsa have rarely tasted so good, even though their’s are the best around.  And my taco?  Certified yummy!  I’m always hungry.  However, my stomach does not have a large capacity at this time.  Just one taco and some chips and I was ready to be rolled out of there.   I also almost fell asleep at the table afterward.  I am a fabulous date.

4 responses to “I is Sick.

  • Laurie

    Yay Rosepepper! As you can imagine, due to its proximity, the Rosepepper is our back up kitchen. Did you have the fish tacos? Those are my current favorites. The tamales are yummy too.

  • Susan

    It was so yummy! I had the shredded chicken tacos. Fish just seems icky right now (silly stomach).

  • Elynka

    I think that maybe I should come visit you guys very soon so that I can experience this Rosepepper. I love Mexican anything. This is like the third time that it has been mentioned, so there has to be something here that I am definitely missing!

  • Ian

    Come on up Lynka, and bring the family! We’ve got plenty of room for you guys to stay with us. 🙂

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