A post not dealing with our baby

So I figured I should point out that we do, in fact, still have a little bit of a life outside of Susan’s pregnancy.

For example, we had a party this past weekend. To celebrate the close of a fantastic first full season and the upcoming summer season with the hockey team, a large contingent of the team came over to have a little party. I was able to secure 20 pounds of ground beef at a fantastic rate, which I formed into a bunch of near half pound patties and grilled up over the course of 3 and 1/2 hours.

Susan and I had a fantastic time and it would appear that the folks that came over did as well. It was all well worth the time I spent (and my mother-in-law) to get the house in order before everyone showed up. We even got our neighbors Mark and Laurie over to the house as well, so it was a grand affair.

In addition to our little party, I spent last evening finally planting some vegetables in our vegetable garden. I’d spent a great deal of time (and not to mention money!) preparing a planting bed for vegetables just beside the deck.

I had also taken the time to plant some seeds in a neat little greenhouse type thing so I could take the plants from seed to fruit all by my lonesome. Well, it seems that with the frost causing me to delay the planting, the seeds got pretty unhappy with their tight surroundings and died. Those are now sitting and rotting on the porch.

Instead we purchased some plants that some commercial company seeded and brought to life. Those are the veggies that will be growing in the garden.

If you click on the photo, you’ll go to Flickr where you can see notes about what has been planted. Also, you can see a handful more photos from the hockey party. There weren’t many pictures taken with my camera, but maybe I can get a few more from some of the other participants.

Finally, I’d like to show off the lovely photo that was taken at Butterfly Hollow, but was printed and given to us by one of my teammates. I recently found the frame at a shop near my office and sort of gave the framed photo to Susan as a bit of a gift. The lighting isn’t great, but it still gives you the general idea of how awesome it looks. Plus the photo is printed on canvas!


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