Word from the doc

So the doctor was really, really nice – it was the first time I’d met her, but Susan has always spoken well of her. We only waited outside for a couple of minutes, and only a couple of minutes in the room as well. She was also really nice in the regards that she didn’t poke at Susan’s abdomen. I guess she understands just how painful this must be for her and she didn’t want to aggravate it.

She explained to us what we’d already read the night before – that surgery was the preferred method for a woman in pain and not pregnant, but during pregnancy that was only an emergency option, at least during the 1st trimester. She told Susan that she didn’t want her working for the next 8 weeks and to generally take it easy. Not bed rest, but darn near it. She shouldn’t do any lifting, pushing, pulling, skipping, jumping, etc.

If, at any point, the pain become unbearable, we’re to go straight to ER. Apparently it’ll be pretty obvious if it bursts, and that is consistent with other people’s experience. The biggest hope is that this is simply fluid and not blood – that’ll make things much better.

At this point Susan will be off work for the next 8 weeks, generally hanging around the house trying to keep herself occupied. Lucky for us, we did the smart thing when she started her new job and started paying the $12 a check for short term disability, so now we’ll have half her income for the time being.

It looks like Japan isn’t in the cards for us, but we have to discuss it a little more. The check up at 16 weeks would be well within time for us to decide to go, but I don’t think it’ll be a great idea nonetheless. It kind of sucks that we won’t get to go on the big trip before the little one comes, but I’d much rather have a healthy wife and child.


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