The photos!

So here are the pictures, as they were promised, complete with an annotated version. I can’t quite remember how big he measured, but as I said earlier, based on his length, the tech says we’re at 8 weeks. It was an amazing sight (and relief) to see his little heart beating in a very strong, fast rhythm.

Susan did have to endure the vaginal ultrasound to get the lovely photos we have today, but I think she’d say it was worth it.

As far as the ovarian cyst goes, I’m apparently the last kid on the block to figure out that its not quite as easy going as I sort of thought it was. Apparently at the size that it is now, some doctors are fairly uncomfortable with them being there. We can’t really do surgery in the first trimester without a pretty sizable risk to the baby, so we’ve just got to say our prayers that everything sits tight and, preferably, that the cyst makes itself go away.

Susan has been quite sore since the tech smushed on it so much trying to take a good picture of it. (We didn’t get a picture of that one for our collection, but really, its just a big black hole) She was uncomfortable until about 4 hours later. 😦

I’m still not letting any of the negative get to me – I figure this will all work out just fine, but its certainly going to be a test for my wife to get through these next 8 months. Plus I know we’ve got a great cadre of friends and family around to support us through absolutely anything.

So – to end on a positive note – WE’VE GOT A BABY AND WE’VE GOT PICTURES!

Oh yeah – if you want to see them a bit larger, you can click on them to go to the flickr page. Once there, you can click the “All Sizes” button at the top. Be forewarned, though, my scanner bed was dirty, so there is a lot of dust in with the scan.


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