My bump, my bump. My lovely baby bump.

I am now in a slightly awkward stage of my pregnancy. I no longer fit into my regular pants (except scrubs), but I’m not really big enough to merit full on maternity stuff. I went to Target with my hubby today in an attempt to find some new pants or shorts or some such things for my lower half. As I trolled the racks surrounded by women so gigantic they looked like they were about to give birth right there in their shopping carts, I realized, “I’m just not ready for this.”

As a matter of fact, I was eyeballing a sweet little sundress and randomly said, “This is so cute.” Not to anyone in particular. A very pregnant woman and her mother(?) walked by and giggled to each other saying, “I wonder if she knows this is the maternity section.” I was infuriated (hormones). I wanted to stalk over and scream, “I’M PREGNANT TOO!”

But I didn’t. I figure one baby is enough.

Even if she is rather difficult to see at the moment.


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