Beautiful Dreamer, er?

No one mentioned to me that pregnancy causes the most whacked out, bizzaro dreams. Every night. Two nights ago, I dreamt of a giant shrimp. He was dancing and singing. Last night I dreamt of cotton. All different colors like easter eggs in a field. There have been dreams of babies, too. Babies the size of skyscrapers or singing like Sinatra (singing is a repeating theme). I dreamt of a rock. That was it. Just a rock. Nothing else. Rock.

I figure that somewhere deep, very deep, in my brain… the idea of being a mother caused two little known but very important synapses to overload thereby producing nightly mental meltdowns.

I never knew it was possible to be bored by a dream.

A rock. Nothing else.


One response to “Beautiful Dreamer, er?

  • Sheila

    Somehow the dancing imagine of a shrimp strikes my imagination and makes me wonder if he had a top hat on and a cane in his hand. Maybe I’m thinking of the Mr. Peanut man or Fred Astaire. Perhaps we both watch too much TV!

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