This blog has been pretty fun for me because we’ve checked the little box to make it a “public” blog, allowing other people in the WordPress community to find us through our tags.  (The little words at the top of each post like Ian, Pregnancy, Sick, etc)  I’ve taken to looking over the “tag surfer” to see who else in the community is pregnant or even saying stuff about New Zealand and its been pretty fun.

Anyway, thanks to the tag surfer, Jen Huff dropped in on the blog and commented about our little scare yesterday.  When I notice a commenter has a website, I follow it back.  On their blog they’ve got A) an amazing header picture, B) an awesome video of Jen’s bump growing from week to week and C) a really cool link to a “guessing game” about the baby.  Being the mooch that I am, I immediately figured out how to set up our own guessing game and made a mental note of the bump growth video.

So if you follow this link you can put your guess on record about the gender, length, weight and birth date of our little Laird.  I’ve also put the link in our list on the right side of the page for future reference.  Apparently, to quantify your bragging rights, the game will score you based on how close you are to the actual outcome and the person with the least points will win.


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