So we had a little scare yesterday. A scare we didn’t share. I suppose, though, that we’ll go ahead and share it now that it has mostly passed.

Susie had a little spotting of blood combined with some cramps yesterday. I got a very straightforward phone call around 2p from Susan wherein she stated she had experienced some bleeding and was driving to the doctor at the moment. This, of course, was tinged with tears. I immediately shut down my laptop, told my co-workers I was headed to the doctor, and left.

I arrived at the hospital (where the doctor’s office is) right about the time Susan was headed into the lab to have her blood drawn. I got to her just as she got out. (That place is a maze!) We calmed ourselves down as we sat in my car in the garage. We discussed what had happened, what the doctor had asked/said, and what the plan was going forward.

  • Happened – described above.
  • Doctor asked – details of her day / week and a better description of her symptoms. The day had been very, very normal with nothing out of the ordinary. The week had had her in the ER for fluids, constipated, but moving and with her mom in the house cleaning, but with nothing harsh.
  • Doctor said – they’d take blood to measure HGH (Human Growth Hormone – doesn’t that just sound awesome in this context? A hormone for growing humans!), Progesterone, and a test of her RH factor. The HGH and progesterone would need to show levels high enough to support life and prove pregnancy. The RH test would determine if there could be a conflict between her blood and Laird’s.
  • Plans going forward – the results would be back on Friday and we’d know some basics like if she could still be pregnant. She’ll retest on Monday to judge the amount of HGH between Thursday and Monday which they would compare to a known schedule of doubling. We’ll keep our scheduled appointment on Friday (the 4th) for our first u/s, etc. Otherwise we go home and keep calm.

So we decided that maybe she shouldn’t drive home, so I took us home. We called our employers and let them know what was going on. We got home and got some work done while she kept her feet up as the doctor prescribed. Later, she popped some popcorn and we nibbled while I played on the Xbox.

It was during our snack that we got the happy phone call from Lynka, which was an interesting thing to think about in the midst of our deep thought.

Later, we skipped the neighborhood meeting and ordered a pizza from our favorite place up the street. I think we ended up in bed around 7:30 or 8p, missing a few phone calls due to our ridiculously early bedtime. I figure, though, that the stress pushed us over the edge.

So this morning, just as we were getting to the parking garage, she finally got in touch with the doctor’s office. They didn’t have the RH test back, but the HGH and progesterone levels were “very good.” The relief on her face was immediate, which lifted me up nicely as well. We’re still on schedule to re-test on Monday, but hopefully we won’t have to wait on the results for half a day. There is still the possibility that the levels won’t rise the way they should, but that seems pretty doubtful since they are correct now.

All of this could quite possibly be a period in the midst of her pregnancy. The nurse that drew Susan’s blood said she had periods through her 4th month! In addition to that nurse, we’ve heard that even her mom experienced a similar process, so obviously we aren’t alone.

Long post, but lots to say.


3 responses to “News

  • Steph Hansen

    You guys had me worried! Bleeding in early pregnancy is fairly common. I did not go through it (but look what I am going through now!) but a lot of my friends and family did. Hope her levels continue to go up, up, up. You guys have had your hands full this first trimester, wishing you smooth sailing once you get through this hurdle.

  • jennifer732

    That’s good that things turned out okay! I had some early bleeding around 6 weeks and then again at 11 weeks. I had low progesterone levels, but when we had an u/s they said everything looked good. Apparently bleeding is very normal, and is often just due to sensitive membranes in the nether regions.
    Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

  • Ian

    Thanks for the encouragement everybody – it means a lot to the both of us.

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