Triumphant Return

Well, I’m back to feeling human again.  I’m also not so tired that posting is a drain on my energy sources.  I’ll try to post a bit more often now.    I was a sick, sick female.  You should see the bruise on my arm from where they tried to get a vein for the IV.  It’s hideous.  I knew I was in bad shape, but had know idea it was as serious as that.  Oh well, better now.

Yesterday turned out to be a grueling day at work.  I did an eval on a patient for our specialized unit (unfortunately for him, he was quite appropriate), and two full admits.  The last admit started at six and didn’t end til around 9 PM.  Then it was a  lengthy drive home in the dark.  No time last night to do more than phone reports so I’m starting my day in a deficit.

But I’m working and that makes me happy.  Reglan is my drug of choice now.  Instead of daily vomiting, I’m back down to constant heartburn.  I’ll live quite happily like that.


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