A pretty good day

From what I understand, Susan’s day was good.  She got a lot of rest, ate well, and didn’t vomit.  It appears that the Reglen may be her wonder drug.  It only makes her a slight bit drowsy and helps her keep everything down.  The plan is for her to work a full day tomorrow.

In other news, Susan’s mother helped us to straighten the house a great deal and get a lot of laundry done.  I feel bad that she drove 2 hours to basically clean our house, but I know its something she is enjoying.  Its been a great help and we’re very appreciative.  It was also a great blessing to have her here just in time to take Susie to the hospital yesterday.  It was one less thing for me to worry over.

Also – I’ll be bugging Ms. Susan about actually posting for herself.  Plus I may take the time to copy our posts over to the Babysites page, just as a backup.  Sorry to everyone that has been looking there first… this is the easier one to post to!


One response to “A pretty good day

  • Lesha Patterson


    I just tuned in here guys, and um… I am now slightly TeRRoRfiED of morning sickness. Please, please, tell me this is an unusually, rare & nasty case of it!
    Through it all, Sus has that sense of humor about it that just puts me into tears. The horrified woman outside the stall..? Girl, my face hurts!

    Sus, you are amazing!
    And Ian, you are priceless!


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