Mom to the rescue!

So being the good mom she is, Sheila is on her way to take care of her daughter. I can say confidently that this isn’t because of a lack of effort on my part, but simply motherly guilt. It’ll be nice, though, to have a little help around the house since Susan has been completely wiped out lately. She never got out of her pajamas yesterday and hardly made it off the couch or out of the bed.

This morning she spoke with the nurse a couple of times. Initially they were going to give her some different anti-nausea medication, but then they realized it was too closely related to phenegren. (Which is bad for her.) They had also suggested a relatively gentle course of action with the constipation – just take the MoM as a laxative, combined with the Colace.

Then they called back.

The doctor said no on the anti-nausea (the phenegren relation was discovered), but she gave another option – a combination of Unisom and B6. She and I had read about it a few days ago, so we weren’t surprised. Apparently an ingredient in the Unisom along with the B6 used to be in a single pill, but then it was pulled for some reason that later ended up being unfounded or something. For some reason its not back on the market, but doctor’s can make this combination to achieve the same effect. The Unisom, though, will end up making her sleepy. 😦

You can read the second half if you really care to know more…

As for the gentle route on the constipation? No – that didn’t stand either. My poor, poor wife had to go buy (and administer by herself) a fleet enema. That hasn’t been a magic cure just yet, but we’re still hopeful. The doctor is also hopeful that the constipation is related to the nausea and once the back end is resolved, the front will calm down.

Here’s hoping.

There was a bit of an amusing exchange when discussing the enema – I told her that I’d come home (I was in the parking lot at work) and administer it, if she really needed me to. I like getting to know my wife, but… can we wait a little longer to do this?


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