All is well… now.

We’ve returned (mostly – she’s at the grocery store with her mom) and we’ve returned within the same day as she went.

She took in 2000 mL of fluid, giving her the ability to have a BM naturally as well as a lot more energy and just a general feeling better. She also got to “test” taking some Reglan, something her OB/GYN had shied away from. She did not experience any twitches, so it seems safe to take. In fact, the ER doc prescribed it for her!

For the next 12 hours she’ll be on a clear diet (only until about 8am), and then the following 24 – 48 hours she’ll be on a bland diet. It broke her heart that I was going to Rosepepper (a favorite Mexican joint down the street) because she couldn’t have me bring any salsa home for her! However, in her honor, I had no salsa with my meal.

Its nice to have my wife back in one piece. Now she’ll have to drink copious amounts of fluids and a great deal of roughage so we can avoid this in the future.


2 responses to “All is well… now.

  • Elynka

    Glad Susan is back at home. I used Reglan for a little while. I hope it works for you. I wasn’t quite that fortunate.

    How sweet that you didn’t get any salsa, Ian. That’s love! I don’t know if I could do it! LOL.

  • Ian

    It was really tough – this place gives you three different types of salsa and they are all amazingly wonderful. There’s a sweet(ish) one, a spicy one and a green one. I absolutely love the green salsa.

    But I knew my wife couldn’t have any, so I didn’t either. Not that she would know either way, but it kept my conscious clear. 🙂

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