Life stages

Obviously marriage and children change you in pretty dramatic ways – there are numerous things to be listed and I’m not going to even start. The one thing that got me really thinking about it was a trip to the pharmacy.

Susan is still terribly sick… the nausea just won’t go away, medicine, ginger, or otherwise. The sea sick bands have helped with the nausea, but that just makes it a giant surprise when she has to vomit. On top of the N&V, my poor wife is constipated. She can’t stomach (or at least hold onto) her normal diet that has an adequate amount of fiber. She tried her best this morning to eat a couple of packages of oatmeal, but couldn’t stand it.

My trip the pharmacy, the one that has started me on the philosophical rant, was to gather a laundry list of items geared toward the constipated pregnant woman. I headed to the register with an armload, including a stool softener, milk of magnesia and a bottle of Benefiber. As I approached the counter, I realized that had this been even a year or two ago, I would have likely been wildly embarrassed to buy all of these things at once. Sure, its silly, but I bet you’ve all been in that spot – “what is this lady going to think about me?”

Today, though, wasn’t really the “turning point.” That was when I bought the pregnancy test at 7am at the grocery store… along with a flower and a bag of donuts. That had to a be funny sight.


4 responses to “Life stages

  • Christie

    Its the bag of donuts that really puts it over the top. 🙂

  • Elynka

    I feel terrible for her. I know 110% what she is going through. The best thing to do is to keep eating and drinking no matter what happens to the food. The baby is getting everything he/she needs. Without giving everyone horrible details…the constipation thing can be horrendous. She has to take the Colace every day. It will really be a life saver. You just have to keep reminding her that eventually it will be over. Even when she thinks there is no end to this she has to keep telling herself that it is only temporary. She will not be spending the rest of her life in the bathroom. There is a finish line. That is what really kept me going through all the trials of pregnancy which I won’t list for fear of depressing you guys. HUGS!!!

    SIDE NOTE—Hopefully Mackenzie will be here soon. I have been contracting for over 2 hours. She needs to get the heck out of there!

  • Ian

    Christie – I was hungry. 🙂

    Lynka – Susie read that Colace had to be approved by the doctor, so she won’t be getting into that until tomorrow, most likely. I really Mackenzie pops tonight! Let us know as soon as you can!

  • Sheila

    I’m glad your checking with the doctor first about the stool softener. Try some apple sauce and bananas. Any canned fruit will help. Grape and apple juices would be good. Mostly lots of liquids. Love Mom

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