It’s about 8 in the morning.  I’m nauseous and I have a baby fair at 10AM.  I must, MUST take a shower.  I am not fit for the outside world at the present time.  I really don’t want to throw up in the shower, so I’m waiting a minute or two to see what my stomach is going to do to me today.  I have thrown up every day (most days multiple times) since Monday.  It seems I deserve a day or two of rest.  I don’t get to make that call.  If I did, I would have definitely decided to keep down that piece of cake yesterday.

The lost watch scenario that Ian mentioned in his last post:

I took a Zofran out of desperation.  It didn’t make me sleepy per se.  It did disconnect my head from my actions.  At some point in the morning, I realized I was missing my watch.  I spent a good 30 minutes looking for it to no avail.  I went to put away my Ginger Ale bottle.  My watch was in the fridge.  I had put it down to get my drink out.  I also tried to lock the house up without my keys.  Needless to say, Zofran is not my miracle drug.  Anyway…

We’re meeting our friends Marc and Laurie at the baby fair.  She’s about a month ahead of me in this whole pregnancy thing.  She makes it look gracious.  If she wasn’t so absolutely fabulous, I would hate her guts.  She also manages to look pretty cute, too.  Of course, she’s a pixie little thing and looks pretty cute no matter what.  I guess pregnancy should be no different.

It was nice to see my brother and sister-in-law last night, even if it was fairly brief.  Most days I do ok, but I miss my family up here.  Richell came bearing gifts from my Mom.  Maternity clothes.  Pretty maternity clothes.  There is a difference.  It will (hopefully) be a bit before I need them, but at least my clothing will look nice when I do.

That’s all I’ve got for now.  Off to the shower I go.


2 responses to “Oww.

  • Steph Hansen

    Recommendation #2 for you…Bella Bands. They rock for the in between stages of maternity clothes and make you very very comfortable. Lived by them and still wear them. I have heard they are also helpful after the baby and before you can fit into your old clothes.

  • Laurie

    You make me blush… You are fabulous too! I probably wasn’t looking so cute yesterday as I whined to Mark about my aching back. How can my back already be aching? There’s still so far to go. Hang in there. The second trimester will be better!

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