The rollercoaster ride continues

I’ve spoken to Susan a few times today – she’s generally felt pretty bad. She woke this morning feeling sick and by mid-morning decided to take a Zofran, despite not quite knowing the effect it may have. She made a breakfast of cold pizza, but lost it a short time later. APB&J sandwich was her second attempt and she held it down.

When she arrived at work, her magic sense of smell kicked in right at the front door – she could smell the Mexican feast on the far side of the 2nd floor. The Zofran gave her the confidence to consume a burrito and she was rewarded with the ability to keep it down as well.

The only problem with the Zofran is that it hasn’t actually gotten rid of her upset stomach and gave her some pretty serious medicine-head. Hopefully she’ll write out that little story later tonight – losing her watch was pretty amusing… to me.

She was also blessed with getting to work from the office with her boss for half her day. That gave her the freedom, if she needed it, to be sick if she needed to.

Her brother and sister-in-law are coming in tonight so they can fly out tomorrow, plus I’m going to the 5th Predator’s playoff game.


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