Expanding on a theme…

So I guess I should probably give a few more details about my wife’s day – she went into work around 11am, just like yesterday. She’d spent the morning with an upset stomach, but sucked it up and headed to the office. She was able to do two admissions today (a normal day) and all, to my knowledge, without vomiting even once.

She got home around 6p and made herself a dinner of white rice and white gravy. The meal was generally in tribute to her late grandmother… but it had the perk of being starchy and slightly bland.

Its 8p now and she’s just about to slide off to sleep.


One response to “Expanding on a theme…

  • Sheila

    Susan-Nana is soooo very happy for you. I’m glad you made the rice. Maybe it will help. Maybe you should try grits in the morning. Love

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