Oh man…

Somewhere, a little old lady is telling her family about the horrific noises coming from the stall next to hers in the hospital bathroom today. I went to Skyline (lovely hospital) to set up a PCA pump for a new patient of ours that was going home later in the afternoon. I put that together at 1:30, made a beeline to the BR at around 1:45, and proceeded to retch violently til around 2:15. The heaves stopped and I spent the next 5 minutes being quietly nauseous. At about that time, I heard a timid little voice ask, “Are you still alive?”. I could just see the tips of her orthopedic shoes at the door to my stall. I had to promise her 3 or 4 times that I was truly alright.

Then I had to run to the 7th floor and do a full admit for a new patient. I told them I had the hiccups so the didn’t freak out when I dry heaved. I’m tired.

The one big perk of the day? Fat Mo’s with no nausea. By dinner, I’m usually calm enough stomach wise to enjoy a substantial meal. Now I’m off to do phone reports and then I have an early date with the big bed.


One response to “Oh man…

  • Sheila

    Well, I do remember the F encyclopedia and how you could always manage to throw up great volumes of yuck at the drop of a hat!!! After your first bottle in the hospital, you threw up or maybe I should say gushed out the entire contents in one forceful stream.
    Even the nurse was impressed. I do hope that your body will adjust to all the hormones very soon. Just rest and be thankful for a caring husband. As for the little old lady in the next stall-I bet she was close to my age-you know I’m going to be a grandmother soon!

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