Pinning our hopes on home remedies

So I took my lunch break and drove to the fancy grocery store south of town so I could collect a specific item – gingermints. Apparently ginger is supposed to calm your stomach, which will hopefully keep the nausea away. One of my co-workers, who is also pregnant, suggested these particular candies as a nice source of ginger.

While I was at the store, though, I decided I’d go nuts with the ginger – I got 4 bottles of natural ginger ale, 4 bottles of natural ginger ale that are cherry flavored, ginger snaps with real ginger, and even pickled ginger. (You know, the stuff that comes with your sushi.)

Heres hoping this stuff works…


4 responses to “Pinning our hopes on home remedies

  • kristinlm

    I’m curious to know whether the pickled ginger works. It can just be bad news when you have a tummyache (the flavor lingers in a bad way). IMHO, candied/crystallized ginger may be a better bet. I used to buy it at a food co-op, but it can also be made at home in large batches (see here for a recipe)

  • Steph Hansen

    Hope the GingerMints work. You get an A+ for getting all that for her!!!

  • Ian

    Kristin – you may have a good point on the pickled ginger. Susan wasn’t too excited when she saw it – apparently I’ve never noticed her not eating it on our sushi dates.

    Steph – I’m working toward a bank of brownie points. 🙂

  • Sheila

    Did I tell you about the pickled okra that I ate. Pickled-bad, very bad. Love

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