Grocery Shopping

We were out of bread, so I went by the grocery store on my lunch break today. While I was there, I decided I’d better restock a few other items that Susie had been consuming pretty thoroughly: ginger ale and soup!

She’s not particularly happy with me for posting this picture, but she’s letting me get away with it none-the-less. She says it makes her look like she’s “sick and pregnant.”

On a slightly related note, in addition to her nausea she’s started weird cravings as well. Her lunch today? 3/4 of a jar of hamburger pickle slices (finishing it) and two slices of cheese, one at the beginning, one at the end.



5 responses to “Grocery Shopping

  • Sheila C

    It could be the pickles and weird stuff. I once ate too many pickeled okra. I threw up all night. I was not prgnant.

  • Ian

    The pickles were AFTER the throwing up. She’d settled her stomach with ginger ale and crackers… then she ate the pickles and cheese.

    I’m not sure why you’d eat more than, say, one piece of pickled okra, much less “too many.” That frightens me, but only a tiny bit – I think I’m getting to know you pretty well. 😉

  • Elynka

    I don’t know if those kinds of soups are good ones…how about just chicken broth? That’s what I ate. I can’t imagine veg beef coming back up, and I love veg beef! Yuck, tomato? Are you trying to make it worse??? Maybe her stomach is stronger than mine. Hope so!

  • Ian

    Hey – they weren’t my choices, they were hers. I bought a batch of similar soups a week or so ago and she enjoyed them. I chose to buy the low(er) sodium soups just to keep her from going too far over the top in that regard. The tomato is a new addition and I thought it was a little strange, but I’m learning not to question things.

    Maybe they’ll rot in our cabinets, but at least we’ve got them if we need them. 🙂

  • Auntie Amy

    I thought it was wierd too, but really pickled okra is quite tasty. I can sympathize with Sheila – you can’t eat just one. Well at least until you throw up about 15. After that I imagine you could control yourself.

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