Painting – Stage 1 complete

So I finally got off my hind end and got the painting done. Of course, since I’m not likely to see “my” office again any time soon, I took a few final photos. Yes – it was a deep, bloody red that made the room feel much smaller, but it was my blood red office. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not all that upset, its just that I really enjoyed the color for some reason.

What do you think? Should we have kept it for little Laird?

The after photos are after the more button…

It took 1 1/2 gallons of Killz to cover over the blood red paint. We never even got the red on well enough to cover the beige color before. The first gallon of this stark white paint hardly made a dent in the color. I was a little depressed – after spending two hours putting an entire gallon of paint on the wall, it looked like a three old had just smeared paint around.

I let it dry, though, and then came back with a second coat. At that point, it started looking much, much smoother. Its still not perfect – you can see bits of red here and there – but it should do well enough for the green we’ve yet to pick out. I also took the opportunity to paint the handrail on the stairs to our bedroom as well as the dingy, stained banister (?) that separates our bedroom from the stairs.

Tonight we sleep downstairs – its still a little stinky up here.


6 responses to “Painting – Stage 1 complete

  • Elynka

    I hope you don’t give your baby a complex if this little Laird turns out to be a little girl. If I would have known that you are such a good painter I would have volunteered you for our nursery. I am not even sure if Chris is 100%. This morning he was hanging up my new shelf in the pantry. Hope you guys are doing well.

  • Ian

    Thanks, Elynka, for not volunteering me. I do hope, though, that your house is ready once your bring your new one home!

    As for giving our bouncing baby boy, Laird, a complex – I won’t because I know its a little boy! 😉

  • Sheila

    Well now I know Ian wants a boy!!! Good job painting. Love

  • Sheila

    You know what? I think that little door will make a great hiding place for you know who!!! Love

  • Ian

    The little door better not become a hiding place. At least not just yet. Its a tiny attic space right behind the bathroom and is full of blown insulation.

    Certainly not a place for hide and seek.

  • Sheila

    Oh well if he has ANY of Uncle Matt’s genes you need to buy a kiddie respirator NOW! Love

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