Yesterday was a test. A trial. You see, on Wednesday night I didn’t sleep very well at all. So all day yesterday I was exhausted. Work was horrendous. I could barely concentrate. I came home and piddled around a bit. I did my phone reports for work before I forgot about them in my sleep deprived stupor (I almost did!). So at 7, I decided enough was enough. I needed a nap. I have resisted this practice up til now, but I think it’s not going to be possible for much longer. I laid down to sleep before dinner. Ian came and woke me up. Repeatedly. Telling me not to nap. I know he had the best of intentions, but he’s lucky I was too exhausted to argue or pinch or whatever.

He’s very supportive most of the time and I appreciate it. I guess since he doesn’t have much to point to on me and say “Man, she’s pregnant!” it’s hard for him to understand how much my body is changing on the inside. Anyway, it’s a new day now and it will be better.


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