Shhh, it’s oh so quiet

Not much going on today. Sleepy, of course, but not too bad. Still no return of the dreaded heartburn either. A girl could get used to this… but I’m not silly enough to believe it’s going to stay this way.

Last night I had a slight meltdown on Ian. Something like, “You’re going to be such a great dad, but what if I suck? What if I ruin our kid? WAAH!”. I knew it was bad when he called me this morning during work to make sure I was ok. I have such a sweet husband.


One response to “Shhh, it’s oh so quiet

  • Sheila

    Dear Susan,

    You will be a very good mother. You will read to this little one and you will paint using real paint-you will probably make your own play dough(although the new stuff they make is quite good!). I know that you will have tea parties(boy or girl) and most likely help him or her dress the cat. You will even be able to help with math homework that is higher than 5th grade. You will laugh and cry when needed and sometimes when not needed. No one is perfect!
    You will love this little one and pray for it and teach it to pray.
    God will provide for you. Take care. I love you! Mom

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