Long days

Last night was a tiny little upset, especially for Ian. I started feeling achy and had a 100 degree temp. We stopped that in it’s tracks with Tylenol, but Ian made me call and tell the doc anyway. I’m fine. If it happens again in the next 24, I have to go in. I’m back to normal and feel dandy so no worries. It was probably related to the stress and excitement of the weekend and the car ride to/from Chatty.

It’s pretty darn difficult to do admissions when I’m this tired. My poor, poor hubby doesn’t know what to think. I can sleep at the drop of a hat. I get home, do verbal reports, documentation, and then rest til bedtime. I’m an exciting Mommy. I tell you, this kid better be doing somersaults to merit this level of exhaustion so early on.

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